The Ballast Water Management Programme

Team Ballast Water Management Program

This website hosts the electronic Ballast Water Reporting Form (eBWRF, @2004), developed by the National Institute of Oceanography. Besides allowing downloads of the form, this website allows uploading the form to the national data store of the eBWRF and serves as a focal point for all ships and ports who use the database.

National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) was associated with the Global Ballast Water Management Program, (Phase-I) in India as a nodal agency for Research & Development work. The activities, which NIO had successfully carried out for the program, included Port Biological Baseline Survey (PBBS), Ballast Water Risk Assessment and Awareness Development. With regard to PBBS the ports of Mumbai and Jawaharlal Nehru were surveyed three times during different periods from 2001 to 2004 for establishing biological baseline data following standard protocols. For this purpose services of scientists from different disciplines within the Institute were availed. This experience has lead to extend the efforts to another two major ports of India through funding support from the Ministry of Surface transport and Highways, Govt. of India. This program includes PBBS, ballast water risk analysis, ballast water modeling, ballast water sampling, development of electronic based ballast water reporting form and technology demonstration for collection and supply of treated ballast water. The program has also participation of Universities and other R&D institutions from Goa and Visakhapatnam.

Objectives of the project.
  • To establish port biota baseline data for Mormugao and Visakhapatnam ports.
  • Development of risk scenario based on ballast water records for Mormugao and Visakhapatnam ports.
  • Assessment of biota in the ballast water during voyage for risk analysis.
  • Developments of GIS based data sets and risk out put.
  • Modeling of port environment for ballast water discharge.
  • Development of electronic based ballast water reporting form.
  • To demonstrate technology for collection and supply of treated ballast water.

PBS , Risk Assessment & Ballast water samplingTeam

Dr A.C. Anil (Principal Investigator)
Dr. S.N. Harkantra
Dr. Z.A. Ansari
Dr. N. Ramaiah
Dr S.S. Sawant
Mr. K. Venkat
Dr.L. Khandeparkar
Ms. G. Joshi
Ms. P. M. D’Costa
Ms. J. Kolwalkar
Ms. S. Hegde
Ms. S. D’silva
Mr. R. Naik
Mr. C. Gaonkar
Mr. K. Mapari
Mr. A. Musale
Ms. G. Nagvenkar
Ms. S. Naik

Modeling team

Dr. Vethamony
Mr. S. Jaykumar
Mr. M. T. Babu
Mr.S. Ghatkar
Mr. K. M. F. Kaise

GIS team

Dr. Suryanarayana
Ms. K. Bhovar

Technology team

Mr. Ilangovan
Mr. R. Madhan
Mr. A. Maurya
Ms. K. Kesarkar
Ms. K. Naik

ITG team

Mrs. Kavita Singh
Mr. A. Kinalekar