Submission Instructions For Ballast Water Reporting Form

The ballast water reporting form should be submitted by the ship user's on their arrival at the port.

Submission methods
The ship users can choose one of the following methods:

Online Submission: If the vessel can access the internet, submit an Online Form

The ship users have to be registered to our site for online submission. Click here if your ship is not registered to our site

Email submission: If the vessel can send e-mail, submit an E-mail Form to the port authority

You can use any one of the Ballast water reporting form

  • BWRF (version 1.0)
  • BWRF (version 2.0)

Ballast Water Reporting e-Form software (version 1.0) Download

  • Please double click the attachment (ebwrf_30r.htm) and download/ "Save it to disk" to your desktop. Please note that the form is 180KB in size and needs to be downloaded only once.
  • To fill in the form, double click on the form. The form will open up in Internet Explorer. Please note that you need version 5.5 or above of Internet Explorer.
  • You will get an cautionary message as follows: "an ActiveX control on this page might be unsafe to interact with other parts of the page. Do you want to allow this interaction?". Please click on 'Yes', this is a routine alert.
  • The e-Ballast Water Reporting Form will now open up, ready to be filled in by you. Please note that it is self validating and will not allow you to leave a field blank, etc. A full list of validations is available at our website under 'FAQs'.
  • After you fill in your vessel details the first time, they will appear automatically when you open the form subsequently, saving extra typing effort.
  • The 30 in 'ebwrf_30r.htm' refers to the maximum number of tanks available in the form, which is 30. We can send you a form specific to the number of tanks on your vessel, please mail us in that case.
  • On clicking on the "Write/Validate" button the data you have entered will be saved to a file in drive c:\. If, as an example, your IMO number is 8109187 and you have filled in the form on date 25/04/2005 (the date will be taken from your computer's date, please make sure that date and time are set properly on your computer), then the data will be stored in file c:\810918725042005.txt. The file size will not exceed 2 KB.
  • This file must be mailed by you as an attachment to or to your agent, who will in turn forward it to the port trust authorities. Please spare a few moments and visit our website at . There is a list of FAQ's, information on the validations, and other useful information you may wish to browse.

Ballast Water Reporting e-Form software (Version 2.0) Download
Once the BWRF form is Installed, fill the form, save the file and mail it to the port authority.
Also check the user documentation version 2.0 (Word Format)
user documentation version 2.0 (pdf Format).